Sunny Valley Creations

    COMMISSION STATUS: CLOSED, re-opening Summer 2018!

Terms of Service

Commissioning us means that you accept all of these terms. Please read them all carefully.

Allergy Warning

While there are cats and dogs living in the house, they are kept out of our workroom to keep their hair from getting on the work materials. If you are extremely allergic to cats or dogs, please announce it! We vacuum everything before it is sent out to you to reduce allergens, though some may be present.

Quotes and Prices

We only give out quotes when we are open for commissions. We will only reply to quotes that have been sent via our quote form. The form will stop accepting responses when commissions are closed. Emails will be sent out to all of those who have filled out the quote form to let them know that we have received their quote. A second email will be sent if the character has been accepted. Prices are subject to change between commission periods. Please remember to consider currency conversions when paying as well.


Paypal is the preferred payment method, but money orders and a chashier's check will do just fine as well. Cash is not accepted unless it is paid in person. We are not responsible for money that is lost in the mail. A 30% nonrefundable downpay is required for fullsuits and heads. Payment plans are accepted, which are decided upon with the customer. 

Parental Permission

We no longer work with persons under the age of 18. If we find that you are commissioning us and are under 18, we will terminate your commission.


Shipping is not included with quotes. An address will be needed to determine shipping costs. We ship worldwide, but keep in mind that we do live in the U.S. and shipping may be costly in places outside of the U.S. Insurance and a tracking number is usually included with shipping. Shipping must be paid before the suit is sent to the customer.

Refund Policy

0% complete - 70% refund
25% complete - 45% refund
50% complete - 20% refund
75% complete - no refund
100% complete - no refund 

Upon commissioning us, if you are having financial issues or are not happy with how the suit is coming out, you are entitled to be refunded ONLY if the suit is under 50% completed. The above explains how much you may be refunded depending on how much of the suit has been completed. This does not include the 30% nonrefundable downpay which we use to buy materials. Please be sure that you are financially ready to commission us. We have the right to terminate your commission at any time for any reason. You will be refunded and any work that has been started will be altered and sold as a premade.


At this time we do not offer deadlines or estimated completion dates. We prefer not to feel rushed or stressed to finish a costume and risk any quality being lost. We determine the order of suits depending on when customers finish paying and who finishes paying first. Because of this, suits may still move around on our queue. We just ask for your patience! Though, you may inquire about a rush order fee.

Concept Art

Concept art is required when getting a quote. It should have 2-3 different views of the character you are wanting to get a suit of, or at least show most of the markings. We are not responsible for any markings that may have been missed that were not present on the concept art. If you are looking for someone to commission for concept art, please look here.

Concept Alterations

Customers may get a re-quote if the concept/design of their character has changed. Contact us about any last minute changes to a design/concept, as smaller changes may not affect the time of completion or price. Anything that requires new needed materials will affect the price or time of completion.

Work-In-Progress Pictures

The customer can be provided with WIP shots of their suit while it is being made. These can be sent via email or via text if the customer would like to swap numbers. We may also post WIPs to our twitter, and have a telegram chat for our customers and suiters in which we also share photos!


Duct Tape Dummies are required for fullsuits in order to make sure the suit fits properly. You can find a tutorial on how to make a DTD here. Measurements for other parts such as heads, feet, armsleeves etc may be needed upon request. 


Repairs can be made for no cost as long as the warranty has not run out. The warranty for any suits or parts that we make is one year. If the warranty has not run out on your suit, we will fix any of the issues free of charge and send it back to you as long as you pay to ship both ways. If the warranty on your suit has run out, we can quote you on how much the repair will cost. Repairs will not be made if the suit was purposely damaged or changed by the customer. The suit must be washed or cleaned before being shipped to us. If the suit is unclean when it arrives, it will be sent back with no repairs until it has been cleaned. Repairs are done within our own schedule, but if you need it to be repaired by a certain convention or event please let us know.

*Only certain repairs can be made. They will be discussed beforehand.