Sunny Valley Creations

    COMMISSION STATUS: CLOSED, re-opening Summer 2018!

Frequently Asked Questions

Before asking us a question, please review the ones below to see if it wasn't already answered for you! 

Q: When do you open for commissions?

A: You can find the answer to that in the header of our website! If it is not stated, that means we haven't decided yet.

Q: Your quote form says it is not accepting responses, what does that mean?

A: It means that we are not taking quotes. It's only open when we are open for commissions.

Q: When does your quote form open?

A: The form will open the day we open for commissions! The form may stay open 3-5 days or until we feel like closing it.

Q: Can I fill out more than one quote form for multiple characters?

A: You sure can!

Q: Can I get an early quote?

A: No. This is not fair to others who are waiting patiently for us to open. Your quote would also not be valid because our prices may change by the time we do open. If you'd like a rough idea, please review our prices.

Q: How long is my quote valid for?

A: Your quote is only valid for the specific time of opening in which you were quoted, meaning that next time we open, it will not be valid. We continue to improve so our prices change accordingly.

Q: Do you accept payment plans?

A: Absolutely! We can help you set up a payment plan upon commissioning us. We usually require a minimum of $100 per month after the 30% downpay. 

Q: What types of payment do you accept?

A: Paypal is preferred, but we do accept money orders and cashier's checks. Cash can be paid in person, but not through the mail because of risk of it being lost or stolen.

Q: I am under 18 years old, can I still commission you?

A: We no longer work with persons under the age of 18, sorry!

Q: How much do you charge for your suits etc?

A: You can find our base prices here.

Q: Do you take commissions for partials, 3/4 suits, hands/feet/tails etc?

A: We do not. We specify in head/complete fullsuit costumes and rarely open for parts such as hands and feet. We will announce on our twitter of any openings. Returning customers are welcome to commission new parts.

Q: How much is shipping and is it included in the price?
A: Shipping within the U.S. is around $60 which includes insurance and tracking. We can give you a shipping estimate closer to the time of completion of your suit, but it varies depending on where you live. Shipping is not included in your quote.

Q: Do you ship internationally? 

A: We do, as long as you are willing to pay for it since it can be very expensive.

Q: Do you do artistic freedom suits?

A: Yes we do! We love designing critters to make into suits and can even show you our ideas! Usually you pick your own price (as long as it's above our starting price) and we can design something for you based on that price.

Q: Do you make copyrighted characters?
A: No. This includes stuff from Disney, Pokemon, Digimon, animes etc. Because of copyright laws we are not allowed to re-create a character for money. 

Q: Why do you usually only open for fullsuit commissions?
A: We enjoy making the full character and it ensures that all of the parts match up and flow well with each other. If you decide later that you want parts from either us or someone else, sometimes it doesn't work out because fur dye lots can differ or the fur may not be available anymore.

Q: Is concept art required to get a fursuit from you?

A: Yes. It must be at least 2 views and show all of the markings and colors clearly. We do not go off of descriptions. Concept art is not needed for an artistic freedom suit.

Q: Am I only allowed to get concept art from your concept artist?

A: No, you may use concept art that you or someone else has made. You may get concept art from our concept artist to have a better idea of what your suit will look like since it is made in our style. Our concept artist will also help you figure out what would look best as a suit.

Q: How long have you been making suits?

A: We have been making suits together since July 2012! :)

Q: How many people work for SVC?

A: There are two of us here at Sunny Valley Creations that make all of the creations: Jordhan and Kait. Our concept artist, Chaz, is also considered a part of our business!

Q: Do you guys have certain parts of suits that you each do?

A: Somewhat! Jordhan usually blocks out the head while Kait shapes the head. There are a few other minor parts that we each do, but both of us do the sewing and everything else! Our job is pretty evenly shared. :)

Q: What materials do you use?

A: We use a lot of materials such as fleece, felt, lycra, minky, vinyl, and plastic, but the main material is faux fur. We do not use real fur, nor do we use poor quality fur on our suits. We prefer to use softer/more plush material for small details to keep our suits as soft and cuddly as possible!

Q: Where do you get your fur?

A: A variety of places! fabric.com, mendels.com, fabricempire.com, crscrafts.com, and more! Some of it is also locally found from the fabric district in LA, or bought from someone else.

Q: How long does it take to make a fursuit?

A: Depending on complexity, it can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks to make a fullsuit if it is the only suit being worked on. 

Q: When will my suit be finished?

A: We do not do completion dates, but usually make a schedule and fit all of the suits in our queue onto it. We can give you an approximate completion month, but it is not guaranteed since we do not like to rush and also have other suits in our queue to make which change around quite often depending on payments. If you want to see where you are on the queue/the status of your commission, you can find that info on our Trello.

Q: What is required from me when I commission you?

A: Depending on what you are getting, you'll need a Duct Tape Dummy (you can find out tutorial on making one here), hand tracing, shoe size and measurements of your head, waist, etc. Some of this is already asked for in the quote form.

Q: Are fursuits the only thing you make?

A: Nope! We are Sunny Valley Creations, we make/will make things like bandanas, dolls, sculptures, props, plushies, and kigus as well! Some of these things may not be available for customs, but we do make premades!

Q: How do I clean my fursuit?

A: You can learn how to clean your suit with our Fursuit Care Guide

Q: Are your heads glasses-friendly?
A: We can make them that way if you wear glasses! 

Q: Are your heads built on a balaclava?
A: They are built on one, yes, but we usually take it out after it has been foamed. Our heads are lined with lycra so that it is comfortable and no foam shows. A balaclava can be worn underneath and is usually supplied by us!

Q: Do you use molds for your heads?

A: No we don't. We like to keep every head unique in it's own way. Every head is sculpted by hand with foam.

Q: Do you sell foam bases?

A: No, we prefer to sell our work completed and as our own.

Q: Do you do follow-me eyes?

A: We do not at the moment, but we will in the future when we have found a style of follow-me eyes that look good with our suits.

Q: What about glass eyes, moveable jaws, silicone pawpads/noses, or plastic claws?

A: We do not do any of those since our suits are strictly toony. We like to keep our work our own, so we do not use parts such as claws made by others.

Q: Can you do LEDs?
A: Maybe, we aren't very knowledgeable with LEDs but it is a possibility.

Q: Do you airbrush spots, stripes, or other markings?
A: No, we have a toony/plush style so we like to keep everything sewn instead of airbrushed.

Q: What type of footwear are your footpaws built on?
A: They are built on a 'sock' so that you can slide your foot right in without any shoes. Our older style was built to slide your shoe in if you wanted.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please email us at [email protected]!